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Transact - diversity with simplicity

Most of us own a mixed bag of financial products, which we have bought in a somewhat haphazard manner during our lives. Transact is a financial Wrap which uses modern technology to allow us to gather this financial history into one place and to bring some coordination to our client's investment objectives.

Think of the Transact Wrap as an umbrella under which we can bring all of the different types of savings you may have – Pep’s, ISA’s, and all types of Pensions, Shares and even Cash on deposit. With everything in one place we can apply the same investment strategy to all of your savings to help you to achieve your overall financial and lifestyle objectives.

Transact allows us to give completely independent advice in the most transparent value for money manner available in the UK.

Transact is a service, not a product. Transact simply carries out the instructions which we give it on your behalf – for instance to buy or sell the funds which earn money in your portfolio.

Our clients like, especially, the complete transparency of costs that is one of the benefits in using Transact. In our investment process nothing is hidden. You see all of the costs that you pay associated with your investments including the Stewart Investment Planning charges. We are only paid by our clients and do not receive any remuneration from any other source. This is a very important feature in our advice process ensuring that Stewart Investment Planning has no product bias.

Transact is simply a better way to invest and can add value to your financial planning.

Transact is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Allow us to manage your portfolio using Transact to benefit

Build Your Portfolio:

  • From a wide range of available investments.
  • Using a wide range of facilities.
  • In one single consolidated service.

Manage Your Portfolio:

  • All stockbroker and fund manager communication and most paperwork is handled by Transact.
  • All dividends, income payments and tax and charges rebates are collected by Transact.
  • You and Stewart Investment Planning concentrate on the discussion and decisions that matter.

Access Your Portfolio Simply and Safely:

  • Your Adviser or your Transact Client Service Manager is available to take your telephone calls at any time during business hours.
  • A range of on-line servicing facilities is available at Transact via your Stewart Investment Planning web-site portal.
  • You can use a secure, personal PIN for telephone transactions or to access your portfolio on-line.

Keep Informed:

  • You have 24-hour secure internet access to your portfolio details and daily valuation.
  • Records of all purchases, sales and deposits in your portfolio (except those undertaken on a regular basis) will also be sent to you in writing.
  • Twice-yearly comprehensive statements will be provided which may assist you with your tax returns.
  • All information comes to you together from one source.

Draw An Income:

  • Cash withdrawals can be made on a regular basis.
  • You select the amounts to be paid.
  • Transact pays them direct to your bank account.

Use Other Services:

  • Your existing investments may be transferable into your portfolio and included in the Transact service.
  • Pension plans are also available including income draw-down and phased retirement.

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