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Corporate Financial Planning

Entrepreneurs and Major Shareholding Directors often need help

They are typically too busy to organise themselves financially because of the demands on their time and energy with their successful business(s) or careers from wide-ranging backgrounds and business types in the small and medium enterprise (SME) Market.

We ensure that the advice we give is appropriate to the financial circumstances of the business owner as an individual and for the company, helping you to identify your goals and aspirations and to see the bigger picture. We often work closely with your accountant or lawyer to ensure that we are all working together on your behalf.

Most small to medium sized firms are unprepared in some areas of financial planning, whether it be Pension funding/Retirement Planning, Succession/Exit Planning, Corporate Investing, Shareholder/Partnership Protection, to name but a few typical areas.

The consequences of this oversight may simply result in:

  • Having insufficient wealth to enable you to live the lifestyle that you want and deserve
  • Being unable to stop working when you want to or running out of money in retirement
  • Paying more tax than necessary
  • Surplus cash reserves not working as hard as possible to provide the prospect of a better return
  • Risk management events, which can and should be insured against are left uncovered, with possibly disastrous consequences for the firm and its owners.

We all have a number

It's the amount you need for the rest of your life, and to keep living the life you've got OR to start living the life you want.

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • What problems could you face on the way?
  • What is the best route today?
  • Your business is your vehicle

What's Your Number?

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