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Charities and Trustees

In the past, most professional trustees have tended to delegate the investment of trust funds to stockbrokers whose standard recommendation, often without regard to the size of the funds available, has been a portfolio of individual UK securities. The Trustee Act 2000 has laid down requirements which make such arrangements inappropriate in many cases, and increased emphasis has been placed on the diversification and tax-efficiency of investments, which commends the use of packaged investment products, the selection of which depends on the type of trust involved.

We can advise and help Trustees with:

  • The requirements of the Trustee Act
  • The taxation of trusts
  • The formulation of an investment policy
  • The implementation of a suitable investment strategy
  • Trust investment annual reviews & report

Charity Trustees' Commitment

Charity Trustees are required to invest to further the purposes of the charity. This is usually seen as being achieved by seeking the best return from investments at an acceptable level of risk. The Charity Commission recognises that an ethical investment policy may be entirely consistent with this.

Stewart Investment Planning can help to align trust investments with your Charity's mission, providing another practical tool with which to support the charity's work, investing responsibly and protecting your reputation. For example, a housing charity might consider investing in a sustainable property fund. A health charity can join forces with others to drive up corporate best practice, for example on access to medicines, through shareholder engagement. Faith-based charities can reflect their values in their investments through a variety of approaches.

The Charity Commission's March 2009 economic survey “Charities and the Economic Downturn” confirmed that many charities will need to seek advice on investing surplus funds to produce extra income to fund their charitable activities.

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