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Martin has shown dedication to materialising an investment portfolio that reflects my ethics and values. His knowledge of and passion of green and ethical investment is balanced by a detailed understanding of financial markets and issues. He pays impressively close attention to detail and I feel in safe hands!

Freddy Weaver Msc, FDAP Accred/MBACP

I approached Martin with a view to advising me about ethical investments and he proposed a longer term relationship in which he would oversee all of my family’s financial planning on a yearly basis.

I have been extremely satisfied with all aspects of this service which began with an in depth assessment of our current finances, investments, and future aspirations.  Martin went through our ethical criteria and comfort with different levels of risk and was then able to suggest investments which met our criteria.  He was happy to suggest a different approach for each of us as we had different issues that we were concerned about.

He has dealt with everything from pensions to tax planning to planning for the children’s university fees, and the process has helped us to plan our investments with a far greater degree of information about the impact of our choices.

Martin has dealt with all aspects of the purchase of investments and has been clear about what we needed to do.  We have valued his professional and approachable manner and he has exceeded our expectations with the service that he offers.

Best wishes

Philippa Beale

Considering the appointment of a financial advisor was a long process and it was important to be able to feel total trust in the investment and financial advice given.

Martin was appointed within the last year and has immediately consolidated our financial position. In all respects, he has exceeded our expectations in terms of the service given, and his attention to detail. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other potential clients.

Mr Peter Sykes

Director, APS Project Management & APS Gulf, Dubai

Having had past experiences with Financial Advisers who were trying to sell pre-packaged products from companies paying the highest commission, I assumed that Stewart Investment Planning would do the same.

I soon realised that after very relaxed and informal meetings, presented in a very professional manner, the advice and direction given gave us far greater control of our finances.  An honest assessment, which took into account our commitment and future expectations.

With Stewart Investment Planning’s fee-based service there is an ongoing professional relationship, which is more than just buying a few policies and hoping for the best. I particularly liked the fact that all fees were explained up front with no nasty surprises.

The worries I had experienced through constant changes to Government legislation are gone; now I am constantly updated and advised of any changes. I think the old adage ‘You Get What You Pay For’ in this instance is certainly true.

Mr Andrew Fletcher

Managing Director, Forton Packaging Limited

After some initial data gathering homework, Stewart Investment Planning reviewed all of those mundane little direct debits to insurance and investment companies etc, we realised that the collection of products we had built up over the years was not necessarily giving us the best value. When your busy as we all are these days it’s often easier not to bother to review things, we were amazed!

We attended our firstinvestment review meeting with the intention of discussing the monthly fee - we didn’t need to raise the point because shortly into the meeting it was obvious what we were getting for the money. Hard work and lots of it! The sheer quantity of correspondence Martin Stewart had undertaken with various funds on our behalf, confirming and aligning the investments to get the best possible position, was immense. We would never have had the time to undertake such a task on our own!

Mr Alan Rorke

Managing Director, Orthos (UK) Limited

We have found the services offered by Stewart Investment Planning Limited have always matched our requirements and have always been delivered with the highest levels of professional standards.

The level of service you have provided in all areas has always been exceptional.

We wish you every success

Daniel & Joanna Wood


I really am grateful for the professional, fast and friendly service provided by your office that, at least from my perspective, made this an easy and painless transaction.

I am also grateful for all your time and patience in re-assuring and explaining this conversion to me in the first place and look forward to continuing a long, friendly (and hopefully profitable) relationship in the future.



Thanks to you and your team for all that you do for us

Pam Winchurst


We chose Martin Stewart for his professional expertise and his cool, calm, courteous manner.

Yvonne & Gordon Downie